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Why Multiple Cameras make a Better Wedding Video

A sophisticated polished & professional Wedding Video is typically shot with more than one camera. This allows your videographers to shoot from several different angles at any given time, then edit several tracks of video and audio for a more multi-dimensional looking and sounding Wedding Video. For example, when the bride is walking up the isle, I film her face and my husband Mark, who is usually at the back of the isle, films the groom’s reaction and the back of her wedding gown. I’m up front to film mom’s tears as dad gives the bride away. Mark is shooting a nice wide shot to give you a perspective of the whole thing. These are just a few examples of why a multi-camera shoot can capture the story of your wedding day.

Another example is before the ceremony even starts. One of the most emotional times of the wedding day that we shoot, is the “Getting Ready” of the bride and her bridal party. While the bridesmaids are primping, the groomsmen are often playing golf or relaxing before the big moment. Having 2 cameras allows you to see what your future spouse is doing before the ceremony. Often, we’ll get comments of the bride and groom. It’s a great opportunity to capture the excitement and anticipation of sharing a life together. I love to ask grooms what they’re looking forward to, and they’ll often tell me of their dreams and goals. He can talk about why he first fell in love with his bride. Funny stories can add another layer of depth. When edited in to the wedding video, it can be quite profound. Adding meaningful comments like this to your wedding video makes it a priceless keepsake.

~ Photos & article by Leslie Harris-Senac of Visions Unlimited Video Productions, Inc., in Sarasota, Florida

Tiffany and Eddie's Beach Wedding in Destin, Florida

Beach Wedding filmed by Leslie & Mark in Destin, FL


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