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Outdoor Wedding Advice by Professional Wedding Videographer Leslie

          If you’re contemplating an outdoor wedding, here are some things to consider.

          DO plan an outdoor wedding if…

          – You want to host a Dove Release. (The represent peace, love, unity, prosperity and new beginnings).

          – You have a special attachment to a particular type of outdoor setting.

          – You enjoy spontaneity and natural beauty.

          – You want to set your celebration apart from other weddings, perhaps even your own previous weddings if one or both of you have been married previously.

          – You want to blend religious traditions in a flexible, non-denominational setting. Non-religious weddings are perfect for outdoor settings.

          – Your wedding ceremony will be part of a multi-day wedding event. (Plan on an outdoor brunch the day after your wedding for more time with family and friends.)

          – You’re organized and able to plan for a variety of scenarios. (Make sure to have a tent or covered area to retreat to in case of rain. Plan B needs to be considered in case you’d like to move your wedding indoors.)

          – You want to increase the amount of time available to share with loved ones by holding both your ceremony and reception at a single location. (You will save money and time when you eliminate traveling long distances to your reception.)

          – You’d like to include horses, dogs and other pets in your wedding service. (Be careful; pets can steel the show if you aren’t careful. If your pet is not VERY WELL TRAINED, I would not recommend including them. I’ll add another post to my blog about PETS & WEDDINGS – coming soon.)

          – You want to create a wedding celebration that is unique, personal, distinctive and memorable. (Your wedding should reflect the bride and groom’s  personalities.)

          – You can be a Zen Bride. Don’t keep a constant eye on the time. Remember that many tropical islands run on “island time” — things happen when they happen — and keep an open mind. Minor mishaps can sometimes make for the best memories ~ honestly!

          DON’T choose an outdoor wedding if…

          – You hate surprises. (This is one of the charming things about outdoor wedding locations, you DO NOT have control over everything. Often charming and spontaneous things happen. You need to have a sense-of-humor & be open minded.)

          – You will be horribly disappointed if the weather is uncooperative and everything does not go according to your plan. (Some of my most favorite sunset portraits were shot as storms threatened… and later arrived. These are also some of the most memorable weddings. The bride who takes it all in stride will accept whatever comes & ENJOY IT!)

          – You’re seeking to simply be different or to upstage your friends. (Sometimes the simple weddings can be the most profound and heartfelt.)

          – You don’t like the outdoors. (This is a no-brainer, but I’ve seen brides who just aren’t comfortable with an occasional insect or windy breeze. This made it hard for them to relax.)

          – You need controlled and staged surroundings for your wedding.

          Whatever you decide…

          – Have your wedding memories captured by a Professional Video Production Company.  The the best wedding investment you can make is for your future.

          ~ by Leslie Harris-Senac, President of Visions Unlimited Video Productions, Inc. in Sarasota, FL

          with excerpts by Kim Knox.

          Outdoor Garden Wedding

          Outdoor Garden Wedding


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