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Wedding Reception Decorations and Party Favors

Wedding Reception Decorations

Brides are choosing centerpieces that are in the same color tones, but of different sizes.  This gives the reception tables a more interesting look and a less “coordinated” feel. Keep in mind that huge center pieces can be hard for guests to talk around, when sitting at the table. (It also can be a challenge for your wedding videographer to get shots of your guests when they are behind large flower arrangements.) Unique vase fillers include glass marbles, sea glass, acrylic ice, colored water, flowers and leaves, beads, and fresh fruits such as lemons and limes.

Rose Petals remain the most popular confetti. Also, flowering vines or individually cut flowers are placed directly onto table linens.  Reception chairs are decorated with either tulle, fabric overlays, floral swags and/or ribbons.  Other popular decorating items include Chinese lanterns, garlands and balloons.

An increasingly popular trend is the candy buffet or confection bar.  This consists of a variety of candies or treats placed in varied sizes of glass containers and grouped on a table.  Pretty silver spoons or scoops in each container allows guests to fill small boxes or bags as take-home favors.

Bolts of economical tulle fabric are typically combined with lots of white lights and/or floral garlands for draping between pews and decorating banisters and reception table tops.

Candles always a popular choice for your wedding reception centerpieces, lend a romantic feel to any room, and provide more light for your photographer and videographers.  Choices include pillars, tea lights, tapers and floaters.  Since some facilities do not allow candles, alternatives include faux tea light candles, LED lights, and fiber optic lights. The more light the better!

Head tables are replaced with a small table for just the bride and groom.  Many couples plan weekend weddings that start on Friday and go for the entire weekend.  Dove releases and add drama and excitement to the event.

Today’s couples most often pay for their own weddings and make their own decisions about what they want for their wedding day.  Using a budget calculator allows them to allocate their money and prioritize wants and needs.  You want to enjoy a wedding that is uniquely yours, and one that displays your own sense of style and personal taste. Personal touches appear throughout the entire wedding & reception. They can be found in attirefavors, decorations, stationary, photography, themes, flowers, gifts, and wedding locations.

Wedding Favors

Although completely optional, couples now opt for more unusual, useful, and personalized favors to thank their guests for coming.  In many cases, the favors do double-duty as place-card holders, table decorations, and even centerpiece arrangements where larger favors are grouped together in the center of the reception tables.

Favors can be ready-made items, although currently less popular, or hand-made and embellished with ribbon and accents that coordinate with the wedding theme or color scheme.  This is definitely an area of weddings that has gone DIY in recent months.

Wedding Cakes

Cakes decorated with handmade icing flowers, sugar shells/starfish and delicate dots and scrollwork remain popular.  Couples are choosing wedding cakes that fit with the location, theme and season of their wedding.  You can have a one-of-a-kind, custom-made cake.  Four to five layers is the average size for a wedding of 150-200 people.

Buttercream or smooth fondant frostings are most common. Popular cake flavors include Key Lime Cheese Cake, chocolate, carrot, spice and “white” although some couples are choosing non-traditional flavors such as gingerbread, espresso and hazelnut.  Flowers, sculptures, and large monogrammed letters are replacing the traditional bride and groom cake top.

~ by Leslie Harris-Senac of Visions Unlimited Video Productions in Sarasota with excerpt from: Your Wedding Company


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