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Wedding Videography – 7 Tips for Bridal party

          1. Brides and Bridesmaids – Use nice purses and carry bags. You’ll be dressed up & only a beautiful hand bag will do. Plastic grocery bags do not look good in videography or photography; neither do plastic bottles of soda and water. It’s you big day!  Splurge on some nice glasses or plastic champagne cups if you’re having a beach wedding.  Wear waterproof makeup. Sweat and tears cause makeup to run, and raccoon eyes are not a good look on your wedding day!  Carry an adorable clutch to refresh throughout the night. (Some of my favorite video shots are brides applying make up in the mirror; sexy video footage!)
          2. Ask everyone – bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride, groom and everyone who may be on camera, to not chew gum. Gum chewing looks awful on video and your photographer will have a terrible time getting a decent expression on unposed photographs.
          3. The bride & groom will understandably be nervous, but when it comes to saying vows, brides and grooms need to say those marriage vows, to each other, like they mean it. (Some nervous grooms and brides try to rattle the lines as fast as they can, while looking at the minister!)
          4. Grooms – During your first dance, try not to turn you back to the videographer. You don’t need to look at the camera, but we do want to see your face. (Trust me – it’s your best side.) This goes for all bridal party members. It’s just for one day. If you can play it up for the camera a bit, it’s all in good fun. If you’ve naturally got 2 left feet, practice a few dance moves before the wedding day, you’ll be in good form to “bust a move” at least once or twice during the reception party!                                                                                                                                                                           Dancing Bride & Groom in with Tent Lights at Boca Bay Pass      ~Bride & Groom during First Dance at Boca Bay Pass Club in Gasparilla, FL
          5. If your professional videographer is using 1-Lux video cameras, like she should be, then it is alright to have the lights turned down low during dancing at your reception, but even 1-Lux cameras have limits, so be sure to go over this with your videographer.  Generally speaking, if you can read in the light, it will be fine, but if it’s too dark to read, your video won’t have good colors. It’s a good idea to alert your banquet manager to this fact. Chandeliers look best when they are turned on! Accent lighting is very popular, just don’t go overboard. Flooding your whole reception hall with once color can make everyone look strange, and it gets old after a few hours. (Unless it’s Halloween Theme Party, you don’t want to see blue or green people all night.)
          6. Most photographers dress and conduct themselves professionally, but surprisingly about a third of them do not. To protect your wedding video, ask your photographer to not dress in bright colors or cut-off jeans, and not to get in front of the video cameras. You don’t want a loudly-dressed photographer distracting you everytime you watch your wedding video.
          7. Relax and be yourself. You’re beautiful and a professional videographer will capture your true personality with style in a flattering manner.                                                 ~ article written by Leslie Harris-Senac

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